Stairs, Passages, Parking, Amphitheater, Subway Headhouse

Istanbul, Turkey

Inserting five objects to integrate three neighborhoods divided by topography, infrastructure, and incompatible uses.

Five episodic objects extend the Istiklal pedestrian corridor, Istanbul's main commercial thoroughfare, through two subway stations to the Golden Horn waterfront. These surgical manuevers combined activate the waterfront while integrating three culturally and socioeconomically disparate neighborhoods, which have been isolated by incompatible uses, topography, and infrastructure. Rather than massively investing in extending the urban fabric and reconfiguring the road infrastructure to integrate the neighborhoods, this strategy focuses resources on five discrete objects that act as an integrated network, similar to the Baroque conception of the city as a network of monuments and axes. Both internally and externally oriented, these five urban follies through their exuberance become attractions in their own right while also reconfiguring our physical, visual, and psychic relationships to the city. 

An Urbanism of Infrastructural Objects
Bridging a bridge landing to connect the city's main pedestrian axis, Istiklal, to the waterfront and beyond

City-scale transformation:
Extension of axis creates a larger urban connection, from Taksim Sqaure to the City Hall 

Neighborhood-scale transformation:
Five neo-Baroque objects connect three neighborhoods divided by topography, infrastructure, and incompatible uses 

Section along waterfront to Istiklal extension 

Urban edge fronts directly onto asphalt zone on grade with highway 

Urban edge buffered with highway underpass leading to grand dockyard 

Highway underpass: Spiraling Gallery connects dockyard ferry terminal to Upper Beyoglu, frames view to Beyoglu District Hall 

Leftover highway space 

Leftover highway space filled in with an amphitheater enlcosed by trees and connected to former dockyards  

Edge of Sishane Square undefined 

Edge of Sishane Square closed with subway headhouse/observatory 

Subway headhouse/observatory: Torsioning Kaleidescope

Intro/Extroverted Urbanism: Double spiral system conflates readings of floor and balustrade while opening panoramic views 

Section through subway headhouse, parking garage, and passageway  

Istiklal pedestrian axis abruptly ends at a 40 ft drop 

Istiklal pedestrian axis continues with an urban staircase framed by references to the neighborhood's famed arcades