8' Wide House between Two Houses

Somerville, Massachusetts USA

Extruding the siding of a site lodged between two houses to form a flexible system of louvers, walls, stairs, and furniture

By situating a house within the eight foot space of two homes, the conventional program produces an unconventional building. Exploring/exploiting the dynamic between decoration and function, this project uses the most prominent feature of the site, the siding, as datum lines. Through a series of operations--stacking, offsetting, and extruding--the mundane lines of the siding double as structure and furniture, shades and floors, stairs and storage. Such operations minimize redundancy, maximize the amount of physical space, and enhance the quality of spatialness, transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary. 

Wood detail of siding extrusions 

Siding is extruded from walls to perform multiple uses within the narrow width 

Public and private areas are mediated through extruded siding planes rather than conventional walls 

A conventinal domestic silhouette in section becomes an unusual experience in space 

Plans of bedroom, entry, and kitchen levels  

View of office toward bedroom above and entry below 

View of office toward bedroom above and entry below